Microfilm Hardware Maintenance / Service

Bristol Microfilm & Imaging Services Ltd offers annual maintenance contracts
to meet customers needs as well as ad-hoc repairs to most manufacturers.
Our team of engineers have over 20 years experience in this field.
We are able to tailor make our maintenance contracts to our customers needs.
Our Ad-Hoc prices are as follows: -

Attendance Charge @ £98.00 + vat

(price may vary depending on the location of the machine)
Hourly Rate @ £95.00 / Hour + vat

Below please find a list of many of the products supported and serviced by Bristol
Microfilm & Imaging Services Ltd. For a Service contract quotation or to request
a service visit please contact the service department on 0117 9517517 or


Kodak Microfilm Scanners
ABR 2400D Kodak 2400DSV 2400D 2400DSV
ABR 3000D Kodak 3000DSV 3000D 3000DSV

Reader Printers

Bell & Howell
ABR1300 /ABR1400 / ABR1700 /ABR1900 / ABR2000  /ABR2300 /ABR2400D
2400DSV / ABR2600 / ABR2700 /  ABR2900 / 3000D / 3000DSV A3 Book Scanner Filemaster +

Dataprism  AR5 AR4 AR3 AR3Z AR2 AR2Z LRA3 LRA2 LR4 LR5 LR6 LR7

Starmate 500 Kodak 2400D Kodak 2400DSV Kodak 3000DSV

RP502 RP503 RP504A RP504M RP505 RP507
RP509 RP600Z RP603X RP605Z RP607Z RP609Z
MS6000 MS7000 MS8000 MS9000 MSP2000 MSP3000 SL1000

Canon Microfilm Printers / Scanners
PC70 PC80 MP50 MP60 MP90 NP580
FR75 FR90 FR100 FR100D
NP680 NP780 NP880 NP980 MS100 MS300 MS350
MS400 MS500 MS800 Fileprint 250 Fileprint 270  Fileprint 400 Fileprint 470 Scanfile software V9

Imtec Microfilm Printers
Imtec 2000 Imtec 4000 Imtec 5100 Imtec 5100 Zoom

Xerox Oce
990 3210

Microfilm Recorders / Cameras
Microtrack Filemaster 1 Filemaster 2 Filemaster 3 FMIII
Filemaster 4 FMIV 515A Intercom MA16
ck Filemaster 1 Filemaster 2 Filemaster 3 FMIII
Filemaster 4 FMIV 515A Intercom MA16
DR1600 DR2800 Classic 3000 Kodak 250 Kodak 275B
RP1E CF100 Planetary Recorder Rotary Recorder ImagR ABR 25 CD34 Kodak 700 Kodak 750
Kodak 800 Buic 3400

240 260 3500 321 642 Agfa FP500 KodakProstar Allan M20

ABR 404 ABR405 ABR505 ABR 506 ABR507
Photomatrix 1000 Extec

For a free quotation or technical support on any of the above please feel free to
contact us on 01179 517517 or e-mail us