Solar Universal Microfilm / Microfiche Reader Scanner

Solar Universal Microfilm / Microfiche Reader Scanner

The Universal is a microfilm reader and scanner for roll microfilm and microfiche. With its low price and a very small foot print the Universal Microfilm Reader-Scanner brings affordable and compact digital microfilm options to every Archive and Library.

Connected and powered via a single USB 2.0 connection to a computer the Universal allows researchers to easily scroll through microfilm or microfiche; zoom out for a full page or zoom in for enlarged detail. A single mouse click will capture the image instantly making it immediately available for printing or output to multiple options such as email, CD or USB portable disks.

With a wide variety of simple slip-on-slip-off carriers the Universal will accept 16 and 35mm roll film, microfiche and microfilm in 3M style cartridges. The single high quality, adjustable lens accepts reductions between 7x and 48x confirming the Universal as a truly versatile reader-scanner. The standard 360 deg image rotation simply takes the versatility to yet a higher level.

Traditional running costs have been slashed; away has gone the conventional on-going expense of hot Halogen lamps replaced instead by a cold long life light.

  • Specifications
  • Carriers -
  • Manual 16/35mm
  • Motorised 16/35mm
  • Motorised 16mm & 3M cartridge
  • Microfiche/Aperture card
  • Combined motorised 16/35mm & microfiche
  • Lens Adjustable Resolution 7x-48x
  • Largest viewable area Full frame 35mm
  • Image rotation Manual 360°
  • Preview speed Live
  • Capture speed Instant
  • Connection USB 2.0, Twain
  • Light source Cold fluorescent
  • Temperature range 0-40 C
  • Operating system Windows 2000(SP4), XP(SP1+)
  • Computer Pentium 4 or superior with USB 2.0 interface. (can be supplied as an integrated option)

Please call us for pricing as there are many different configurations and add ons.