Wicks & Wilson scanstation 7700-series

Scanstation 7700-series microfiche scanners
Wicks and Wilson 7700-Series microfiche Scanstations provide automatic batch conversion for all types of microfiche including jackets, COM, step-and-repeat and aperture cards. Various models are available with performance and productivity features to suit different applications, ranging from occasional microfiche conversion to multi-shift digitization projects.

These flagship microfiche scanners, with unique image processing system, utilize the latest nVIDIA GPU technology.

  • Automatically captures complete fiche or aperture cards, creating digitized grayscale and bitonal images simultaneously at full speed
  • Compatible with Virtual Fiche Scanstation, Wicks and Wilson’s comprehensive off-line QA tool


  • Wicks and Wilson’s specialist microfilm imaging algorithms, running on powerful multi-core nVIDIA® graphics processors, display any imaging adjustments in real-time without the need to rescan.
  • Fully compatible with Virtual Fiche Scanstation the off-line QA and inspection tool that dramatically enhances workflow, accuracy and productivity.
  • Custom lens, holographic diffuser and 12-bit camera system designed by Wicks and Wilson specifically for microfiche scanning

Virtual Fiche Scanstation

A comprehensive software productivity tool for use with the 7700-Series Scanstation that enables 100% QA inspection and image reprocessing without the need to interrupt production scanning to rescan the microfiche.

  • Captures digital archive of the entire fiche – never miss an image
  • Virtual rescan feature enables image adjustment without rescanning the microfiche
  • Framing tools insert missing pages
  • Easily integrates with existing workflow software
  • Fully compatible with the 7700-Series Scanstation(PDF)